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SWI Obtains API Standard 624 Test Certificate
October 15, 2014

SWI Valve Co Ltd (SWI), a leading manufacturer of highly engineered flow control solution products, is pleased to announce that they have obtained API Standard 624 Test Certificate for API 602 forged steel gate valves.

API Standard 624 First Edition (published in February 2014) specifies the requirements and acceptance criteria (100 ppmv) for fugitive emission type testing of rising and rising-rotating stem valves equipped with packing previously tested in accordance with API 622. Packing shall be suitable for use at service temperatures –29 °C to 538 °C (–20 °F to 1000 °F). The type testing requirements are based upon elements of EPA Method 21.

SWI forged steel gate valves were tested with API 622 compliant Chesterton 1622DF Graphite Packing. SWI is currently proceeding with API 624 testing for its forged steel globe valves.

About SWI
SWI Valve Co Ltd (SWI) is a leading manufacturer of process, double block & bleed and instrumentation valves with over 28 years of experience in manufacturing and international selling. SWI holds over 60 global company approvals used in oil refineries, chemical plants, gas plants, exploration and production facilities and supply/distribution installations, of which more than 30 are from major operating companies including ExxonMobil, BP and Chevron. To learn more about SWI, please contact us at: yjjeon@swivalve.com

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